Time and time again, Marsha Blackburn has refused to do what's right for Tennessee families.

  • → Blackburn voted for the House's health care bill, which would have had devastating effects for people with pre-existing conditions and sent premiums for everyone else skyrocketing.

  • → Blackburn voted to cut Medicaid, even while one rural hospital in Tennessee after another has been forced to close.

  • → Blackburn has refused to take responsibility for her role in intensifying our nation's drug crisis.

  • → Blackburn has refused to denounce white supremacy. 10/29/2017

  • → Blackburn remained silent on fellow Breitbart-endorsed candidate Roy Moore and the horrific allegations made against him for days. 11/13/2017

Tennesseans deserve better than career politicians like Marsha Blackburn.

  • James Mackler isn't a career politician seeking an opportunity. He is a veteran, a devoted husband and father, and a Tennessean who loves his country and his state. James volunteered for the Army after 9/11 because he felt like he had to do more and stepped forward to run because politics as usual in Washington is not working for Tennessee.

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